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The Source: PTSD And Coming Back From War

Chris James / http://bit.ly/1CsnVMa

Why do some American combat veterans suffers from the effects of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder - and others do not?

Why do other societies in the world - which are similar to ours - have much lower rates of PTSD in their veterans?

Why are these most recent wars - Iraq and Afghanistan causing PTSD at much higher rates than we've seen before.

These are important questions - and may not just deal with the issues of the military but our entire society.

Best selling author - journalist - anthropologist Sebastian Junger asks these questions in his latest book"
"Tribe - on homecoming and belonging"


  • Sebastian Junger, bestselling author of "The Perfect Storm" and "War." His new book "Tribe" looks at the complicated relationship between coming home and developing PTSD. 
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