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The Source: StoryCorps' Dave Isay On The Human Voice

The recent visit by our friends at StoryCorpsto the Alamo city inspired us to talk about the intimacy and profundity of the human voice and story, something they do very well. Founded in 2003 with a booth in Grand Central Terminal, Isay says - while he isn't a nervous guy - the night before the project launched was a sleepless one.

"Look you open up a booth in Grand Central Terminal and you let people come to this thing for free to tell the most intimate truths about their lives. I was concerned we would have Jerry Springer moments."

Inspired by legendary Oral Historian Studs Terkel, the project celebrates the human spirit and story and is now the largest repository of both in history.  

Texas Public Radio will be airing the StoryCorps stories recorded here in San Antonio over the next 6 weeks Fridays during All Things Considered and Saturdays during Weekend Edition

Some of our favorites:


  • Dave Isay, journalist, documentarian and founder of StoryCorps
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