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The Source: Feral Pigs Problem Spurs New Programs

International Livestock Research Institute http://bit.ly/1eJNQXl

The last time the state estimated how many feral pigs were in Texas they came up with a number of 2.5 million. But, if you ask experts throughout the state they will say the number is now closer to 5 million and it isn't going down.

The wild porkers cause an estimated $500 million in property damage across the state, with $54 million in agricultural damage according to Amanda Nasto with the San Antonio River Authority. She says it doesn't stop with property damage though, the natural environment is being adversely affected also. This is especially of concern with the San Antonio River being over the state-mandated bacteria limit.

"Our big concern is that because we are impaired for bacteria they're out wallowing, causing dirt to be sloughed off into the river. They're defecating around the rivers and creeks. They're adding more to that bacteria load," says Nasto.

SARA is launching a new Feral Hog Management  program along with Wildlife Services and Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service focused on educating landowners on how to effectively trap and manage hog numbers in Bexar, Wilson, and Karnes County. The next community education workshop is Friday, January 29 in Falls City.


  • Amanda Nasto, Environmental Investigator, San Antonio River Authority.
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