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The Source: Governor Abbott And The Constitution

Gage Skidmore / http://bit.ly/154rPNT

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott called on the legislature to send him a bill endorsing a U.S. constitutional convention.

In a speech last week, Abbott lamented the over reach of the federal government. From executive over regulation, to a power-hungry Congress, to a Supreme Court he says is a co-conspirator in abandoning the constitution, no branch was spared from the Governor's criticisms. 

Now attempting an end-around he wants the states to bring together a constitutional convention. He also announced some of his proposed amendments.

But as the Texas Tribune's Ross Ramsey points out, that may be a hard sell for a lackluster salesman, noting Abbott's inability to get his own statehouse to act on ethics reform last session. Getting 33 other statehouses to agree to an act unprecedented in the modern era is a moonshot, especially since - aside from the crowd at his announcement - GOP leaders have been waffling on supporting him.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation, a right-wing think tank, has endorsed the proposal, which was announced at one of their events. 

What does the Governor want to change, and is he the man to change it?


  • Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune. (@rossramsey)
  • Robert Henneke, director of the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. (@robhenneke)

*TPR Reporter, Ryan Poppe contributed to this program segment

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