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The Source: New Documentary Explores Netanyahu's Rise To Power


Tuesday night Frontline explores the rise to power of one of the most controversial political figures in Israeli history, Benjamin Netanyahu.

In addition, "Netanyahu At War" explores the contentious relationship between longtime allies, Israel and the U.S. Recent revelations that the Obama Administration has been spying on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and in the process American politicians, have further frayed a once unshakeable friendship. 

Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing Likud party have been very critical of Democratic President Barack Obama over his dealing with Iran. Tensions over a possible nuclear deal between Washington DC and Tehran lead to an unusual invitation from House Speaker John Boehner to the Israeli Prime Minister to address a joint session of congress. He railed against the deal, saying it would lead to radical islam possessing nuclear weapons. Many saw the act as disrespectful to the President and in the end the speech may have hurt more than  helped the Prime Minister's goals.


  • Mike Wiser, writer and producer of "Netanyahu at War" 

*Frontline airs on KLRN in San Antonio at 8 PM CT.

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