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The Source: Women In Combat

wikicommons | https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caracal_Battalion
Women in the Israeli Defense Force


Last week, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced all roles in the military would be open to women come January 1, 2016. This continues the path laid out by is predecessor Leon Panetta.

The announcement comes after Panetta's removing the ban on women in combat roles nearly 3 years ago. Since then all branches of the armed forces have surveyed and investigated the possibility of integrating women into all roles, including front-line combat roles. Only the Marine Corps, after reviewing the policy, asked for an exemption in infantry and other roles. It was not granted.

The policy change by the Pentagon drawn both praise and criticism. Many arguments against females in combat relate back to physical differences in men and women. 

Do you agree with Sec. Carter that women should be in combat roles?


  • Sergeant Jude Eden, Marine who served in Iraq. She blogs at politicalanimalblog.com.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Kate Germano, Marine combat veteran. She is a vocal advocate for removing barriers to women in the military. She is active in the Service Women's Action Network.
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