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The Source: CISA Is Probably Not A Silver Bullet

Flickr user: Jerod Tarbell

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Act passed the senate last week 74 to 21, but will the bill--touted as the solution to many of the data breaches and hacking events currently plaguing U.S. retailers and businesses--really do anything to solve the problems that exist?

Many say no. The Zombie bill, so called because it has been called PIPA, SOPA, and CISPA, refuses to die, despite widespread privacy concerns from citizen groups and digital rights groups.  As written in the Senate version CISA would allow companies to share data with the government if they felt it will prevent cyber attacks, but would be exempt from some oversight. 

Many cyber security experts feel the law does nothing to incentivize private industry to bolster their own defenses.

Now that the bill goes to conference committee there are few obstacles to the bill becoming law. 


  • Ray Sims, managing consultant for Decypher Consulting Group, which provides cyber security services to private businesses
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