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The Source: County Turns To Grindr To Bring Down Syphilis Rates

Bexar County has seen progress in battling the high number of syphilis cases in the area, but there's more work to be done.

Soon Metro Health will be hitting the streets with a mobile clinic that can test and treat people confidentially.

Tom Schlenker - the director of the Metro health – explained on "The Source" they are turning to Grindr to promote their services. “an app I guess you call it called Grindr – that is used for men to hook up with men for sexual liaisons – It’s very nontraditional but Metro Health now has an ad on Grindr. And we’re hoping lots of people see it – and think about it and come in and visit us.”

Also a new state law will require pregnant women to be tested for syphilis in their third trimester. From 2013-2014, there was a 70 percent decrease in the number of congenital syphilis cases. 


  • Dr. Tom Schlenker, director of San Antonio's Metropolitan Health District
  • Bill Smith, Executive Director at the National Coalition of STD Directors
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