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The Source: Luck And How People Try To Entice It


Luck, we think about it every time we pass a Powerball billboard, or our team loses in a buzzer beater. For many in the U.S. doesn't extend much further. Americans, according to polls, don't believe in most of the common superstitions. But the idea of luck for others is more tangible a concept, and it demands attention and respect. 

In China, one superstition is that one shouldn't use knives or scissors on New Year's Day as it may cut off fortune.

The idea of the "evil eye" is popular in many Latin American countries, the Middle East as well as in the Greek Isles.

In Russia, women not wanting to get pregnant should steer clear of touching other women's pregnant bellies.

What are some of the ways people entice luck or avoid the opposite? How do we think about luck? 


  • Mark Menjivar, author and curator of "The Luck Archive"
  • Yuly Ortiz, manager at Papa Jims Botanica
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