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The Source: The Beatification Of Oscar Romero

35 years ago last weekend, Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated while serving mass in San Salvador. Last weekend he was officially recognized as blessed and a as a martyr to the Catholic faith in a ceremony that many interpret as the biggest obstacle to his becoming a saint.

Oscar Romero was at times identified with Liberation Theology, which during the 1980's was occasionally co-opted by Marxists seeking to overthrow governments throughout Latin America. Paradoxically, while Romero denied his belief in Liberation Theology his life was a study in its practices. The now international movement of Liberation Theology stresses looking at society from the poor's perspective. A focus on social justice as well defending the poor.

The Holy See under John Paul II was openly critical of Liberation Theology throughout the mid 1980's.

Does the beatification of Oscar Romero liberate Liberation Theology?


  • Kevin Clarke, author and journalist at America Magazine. Wrote the book Oscar Romero" Love Must Win Out"
  • Michael Lee, associate professor of Theology at Fordham University, past-president of the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States
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