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The Source: ISIS And The Future Of The Middle East


Once a small group of terrorist fighters from al-Qaeda--cast out for being too barbaric--now a powerful force committing atrocities and holding territory across Syria and Iraq, the rise of ISIS was something neither the west nor their Qaeda brethren expected. 

As the United States steps up its air attacks against ISIS targets, officials in the military have admitted their inability to effectively counter the propaganda and ideology of the brutal terror group.

So while the self-described Islamic State may be losing some areas of control on the ground, they are still enticing recruits from near and from far.

Some have advocated for containing ISIS, while allowing it to devolve to infighting. 

How will the west combat ISIS? Is a protracted war in our future? What roll will the 'soft power' of other muslim and non-muslim religious leaders play?


  • Jessica Sterns, Lecturer on Terrorism at Harvard University and author of the new book "ISIS: State Of Terror"
  • Hon. Francis Rooney, former Ambassador to the Holy See
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