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The Source: Should We Be Building Public Safety Into Our Expanded Greenway Trails?


San Antonio has 46 miles of linear greenway trails for walking, jogging, and cycling on. The Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail system is getting bigger and before it does the city council may consider building more public safety aspects into it. Things like call boxes and cameras or perhaps more personnel to monitor and walk the trails are all being considered to ensure that safe trails stay that way. 

The city sends a funding measure for water conservation and greenway trails funding to voters in May, whether or not this money could also be used to shore up public safety infrastructure is an open question says District 8 councilman, Ron Nirenberg.

Nirenberg filed a Council Consideration Request to analyze how best to incorporate public safety into any expansion.

Some high-profile crimes on or around our trails have prompted some community support, but what should happen to ensure our safe trails?


  • Ron Nirenberg, district 8 council member
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