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The Source: Living On One Dollar A Day

Living On One Studios

More than one billion people live on a single U.S. dollar a day and almost three times as many live under $2 each day. While the number has dropped significantly in the past 20 years, the daily struggles of those living it are likely unimaginable to those living in the developed world. 

This idea, that reading about poverty and experiencing abject poverty and the unbridgeable gap of knowledge between the two, sparked the curiosity of two college students studying international development. Zach Ingrasci and his friend Chris Temple decided reading was not enough. The two traveled to a Guatemalan village in 2010 to live on a single dollar a day.

The two documented their time over the course of their summer. Taking out a microfinance loan to grow food, trying to meet daily nourishment requirements, trying to pay off loans when they took them, and interacting with the communities in which they live. The result was a powerful story that the two hope will inspire action.


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