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The Source: Risk In Monkey Economies And What It Means For Humans

Powell K: Economy of the Mind. PLoS Biol 1/3/2003: e77. http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.0000077
courtesy of Frans de Waa

Some of the strategies that have led to your bad financial decisions are 35 million-years-old, argued Laurie Santos in her Ted Talk on deciphering risk and decision-making in primates.

Not only that, but she said that it may be impossible for all of humanity's improvements and advancements to escape the programmed biases of our primate ancestors. 

In the Comparative Cognition Laboratory at Yale University Santos and her cohorts sort out what spheres of understanding are pure human and which predate us. 


  • Laurie Santos, director of the Comparative Cognition Lab at Yale University
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