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The Source: Common Core Attacked On All Sides

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Common Core standards were once thought to be the future of education in America, endorsed by 45 states.  

Now it is now being attacked on all sides. Several vocal critics on the right feel it doesn't allow the flexibility to reflect the values of individual states. The Republican National Committee called the program "an inappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children." Though the program does enjoy support from business leaders across the spectrum.

Critics from the left don't believe that the programs have been implemented poorly. The National Education Agency, the country's largest teachers union, think not enough time was given for students to prepare.

Revelations about Bill Gates’ influence on the core’s development and allegations he bought the support are out there, which Gates called "outrageous" saying it was philanthropy and he has little to do with the content of the core. 

From the tea party to the progressives this is one program that isn’t feeling the love.
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  • Diane Ravitch, former assistant U.S. Secretary of Education


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