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The Source: New PBS Special Takes Us To Vaccinations 101



Measles, whooping cough, and other long since forgotten diseases are making a come back. A new PBS Nova special "Vaccines: Calling The Shots" wants to take us back to school on the subject of vaccines.
It explores the thought and history behind vaccinations. 

In addition it looks at the risk analysis that parents are using when they decide whether or not to vaccinate, and how that can become faulty due to our immediate experiences. The truly frightening outbreak of any of these diseases hasn't happened in our lifetimes, which leads people to believe it isn't as big a threat. 


  • Brian Zikmund-Fisher, psychology professor at the University of Michigan, specializing in risk analysis in medical decisions. Featured in "Vaccines: Calling The Shots"
  • Anna Dragsbaek, president of The Immunization Partnership
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