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The Source: Has The Roberts Court Made "Uncertain Justice"?

White House (Pete Souza)
via Wikimedia Commons

The nearly decade-long tenure of Chief Justice John G. Roberts has seen some momentous decisions. Recent cases include the overruling of DOMA, Citizen's United and the legality of the Affordable Care Act mandate. 

The 17th head of the U.S. Supreme Court has left an indelible mark in history. Though the decisions have varied at times, privacy, corporate personhood, free speech and money in politics all have been affected, sometimes drastically, by this judge.

His critics say this is the most reactionary activist court in generations. 

But the results of his court cannot easily be defined by political spectrums, and the myopic views of the press have obscured his real legacy, argues the book "Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court and The Constitution."


  • Laurence Tribe, Harvard law professor and author of "Uncertain Justice" 

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