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The Source: Public Corruption In San Antonio

Texas Bar Association
144th District Court Judge Angus McGinty.

A black cloud hangs over local jurists as a federal probe continues into the back-alley dealings of Al AcevedoJr., a defense attorney who is now rumored to be cooperating with the FBI and the New Mexico office of the US Attorney's Office.

It is reported that Acevedo has offered bribes and other enticements to judges and other lawyers to make deals for his clients. The resignation last Friday of 144th District Court Judge Angus McGinty is tied to this probe.

The resignation this early in the probe is only one of the two uncharacteristic things about the probe according to Jim Wedick, a 30+ year veteran of the FBI who led several successful public corruption investigation in California. The other is the recusal of the San Antonio U.S. prosecutor from the probe due to a conflict of interest.

In 30 years of working with federal prosecutors in California, Wedick says he has never seen something like that.


  • Guillermo Contreras, senior staff writer at the San Antonio Express-News, has been turning out articles on the probe as details come to light.
  • James Wedick, retired FBI agent and head of the largest public corruption investigation in California state history.

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