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The Source: Clamping Down On Political Money | Main Street Closure Still Controversial

Karl Rove.

In the first segment:

The Department of the Treasury has proposed new regulations on 501(c)(4) organizations, which are also known as "social welfare" organizations like Karl Rove's Crosspoint GPS. The restrictions would codify what these groups can spend money on regarding politics. Conservative groups have spent eight timesmore money through these types of dark money groups than their liberal counterparts.  

Joining us to walk us through the proposal is Bryan Camp, law professor at Texas Tech University who worked in the office of chief council at the Internal Revenue Service.

Also joining us is Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, a money in politics watchdog group.  

In the second segment:


City council will discuss the closing of South Main Street as part of a deal with H-E-B this Thursday, with the possibility of sealing the deal with a vote. We talk with concerned groups on where they stand now.  

The San Antonio Conservation Society initially rejected the proposal, but since the release of the city's draft traffic study and the additional details from H-E-B they have embraced the proposal. imagineSanAntonio maintains its reservations about the deal.

We talk to Sue Ann Pemberton, president of the San Antonio Conservation Society, and Bob Wise, president of imagineSanAntonio. 

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