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The Source: Pot Legalization | The Book Of Immortality


In the first segment:

In the book "Smoke Signals," Martin A. Lee traces the history of cannabis from the counter-culture movement of the 1960s to the multi-billion dollar industry it is now. With states like Washington and Colorado decriminalizing the plant, what does this mean for Texas?

In the second segment:


The quest for eternal life has haunted humanity's thoughts for hundreds of years. The quest for the fountain of youth, the promise of a life eternal after this one and the promises of radical life extension all encompass our search to cheat death from religion to science.  

Author and journalist Adam LeithGollner spent five years interviewing scientists, religious scholars and others to explore the imagery and search for immortal life.

Would you live longer if you could? A new poll by the Pew Research Center says most people wouldn't, but is that more a commentary on how we treat the elderly and how we become less independent as we age.  

Credit Pew Research Center

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