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The Source: The San Antonio Film Festival | Low Testosterone Treatments

San Antonio Film Festival

In the first segment:

The San Antonio Underground Film Festival began 19 years ago under Executive Director Adam Rocha. Though they have since dropped the "underground," Rocha, a teacher of cinema across San Antonio, brings his love of the big screen again starting today and running through the June 23.  Also joining us in conversation is one of the three directors for the film "Sanitarium," Kerry Valderrama.

Get a peek at the line up and explore the films running this week at safilm.com

The Ones We Plan To See:

  • "16 Acres" - Rebuilding the World Trade Center proves to be as much a battle of egos as an architectural one. This documentary talks to stakeholders, recalcitrant government officials and powerful developers about the project.
  • "Dave" - Break out the tissues for this uplifting story documenting the power of sport, the relationships of fathers and sons, and the importance of mentorship in a small town, when basketball coach takes on an unlikely player.  
  • "Gorging" - What can we say? We like documentaries. That said, this one on Canyoneering follows three participants as they scrap, climb, squeeze their way into and out of amazing vistas in what is a controversial sport.  (e.g. Aron Ralston 127 hours).
  • "Sanitarium" - Three vignettes from a mental institution starring a host of names from Malcolm MacDowell to Louis Diamond Phillips and best of all shot and directed by San Antonio filmmakers.  

In the second segment:


The city council run-off races have come to a close with some surprising results.  New faces will be joining the council later this week.  TPR city reporter, Ryan Loyd, gives us the summary on the run-off races in districts 5 and 8.

In the third segment:


Low testosterone treatments have skyrocketed in the U.S. without much regard for its effectiveness or its safety. We talk with Dr. Ian Thompson, urologist and director of the Cancer Therapy and Research Center at the UT Health Science Center, about why it has exploded and whether or not it is safe.

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