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Analysts Say Latinos "Underwhelmed" By Candidates In 2014 Election

David Martin Davies | Texas Public Radio
TPR News

On Fronteras:
-- There was a lot of expectation and many predictions about the so-called “Latino vote” in the 2014 elections. We get a full recap from the polling and research firm, Latino Decisions.
-- Federal officials say the sickest five percent of Americans rack up more than half of all health care costs. We report on a program in San Diego that’s reducing emergency room visits and improving people’s health.
-- Rattlesnakes are just a part of life in West Texas. Most people try to steer clear of them. We meet a Fort Davis man with a love for snakes, who says they’re just misunderstood.


2014 Election Shows Latinos “Underwhelmed” by Candidates, Say Analysts

There was overwhelming interest and a ton of forecasting about the ostensible, lumped-under-one-head “Latino vote” in the 2014 election. To give us a full recap on what Hispanic voters actually thought and how they voted, we speak to Matt Barreto, co-founder of the polling research firm, Latino Decisions.

San Diego Program Reduces ER Visits, Improves Health

Federal officials say the five percent of Americans that fall ill the most rack up more than half of all healthcare costs. They often have chronic health conditions, and high rates of emergency room visits and hospitalizations. A San Diego program is attempting to teach these patients how to better navigate the healthcare system and manage their own conditions. KPBS health reporter Kenny Goldberg said the approach is labor intensive but actually saves money.

U.S. Senators From Texas Want To Start On Dismantling Obamacare Immediately

Texas Republican Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz plan on taking apart President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, piece by piece, following the Republican Senate takeover. Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe has more on the story.
UTHSC Clinic Program Expands To Provide Healthcare to Head Start Parents

The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio is expanding on-site health care for thousands of young children enrolled in the Head Start program. It’s also adding healthcare for their parents, both in San Antonio and Uvalde.
Texas Public Radio’s Eileen Pace reports the Health Science Center is working to create a model  other cities can copy.

Fort Davis Snake Museum Owner on Reptilian Myths and Misunderstandings

Deadly rattlesnakes are a fact of life in West Texas, and even if you don’t hate snakes or aren’t particularly scared of them, you probably do your best to keep out of their way. But as Mia Warren tells us, there’s one man in Fort Davis who’s been doing just the opposite for most of his life.

Credit Ryan Kailath / KRTS

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