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Ready For The Bexar County Runoff Elections? Here's All You Need To Know

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Are you ready to vote? Here are all of your questions, answered:

Am I able to vote?

  • Check to see if you're registered to vote in your county here.
  • Not registered? The deadline to register for the primary runoff was Monday, June 15. If you did not register by that date, you cannot vote in the July 14 primary runoff. But, there's still time before the general election in November: Register by Monday,  October 5.
How can I vote?

  •   In-person

If you plan to vote on Election Day, July 14, find out where you can vote here. Bexar County now allows voters to cast a ballot at any polling place within the county on Election Day, in addition to early voting.

  • By mail

Though the Texas Supreme Court determined that lack of immunity to COVID-19 is not a "disability" for the purposes of voting by mail, the court stated that a voter can take into consideration aspects of their own health and health history to determine whether in-person voting would be potentially harmful. If that is the case, voters can request a ballot by mail online. Applications should be submitted to the Bexar County Elections Department no later than July 3.

Who am I voting for?




There are seven more local races. To find a full sample ballot for the Republican Party runoff, click here. For a full sample ballot for the Democratic Party runoff, click here.

For your individual sample ballot, fill out your voter information here. Or use the widget below:

 The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any candidate or political party.