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LULAC Claims Witness Is Missing From Its Voter List Injunction Case

Brian Kirkpatrick
Texas Public Radio
LULAC attorney Luis Vera Jr.

The League of United Latin American Citizens claims a key witness has gone missing in its legal case against the State of Texas and the secretary of state's attempt to purge voters from county registration lists.

LULAC wants former Secretary of State employee Betsy Schonhoff to testify in the case before San Antonio Federal Judge Fred Biery, but they say she can't be found.

“We’ve been looking for her everywhere. She’s hiding," LULAC Attorney Luis Vera Jr. said on Wednesday. "She’s avoiding us. She actually moved from where she was living in Austin, moved to a little town out in … I don’t know, probably an hour away, and we can’t even find her there.”

Vera says Schonhoff played a key role in the creating of the now-controversial list.

LULAC wants the judge to order the state to stop using the list because it intimidates Hispanic voters under federal voting rights.

Representatives for the secretary of state did not comment about the case to reporters outside the courthouse.

LULAC also says the DPS told the secretary of state's office back in April of last year not to use its records to compile the list because the information was six years old.

Representatives for the secretary of state did not comment about the case or about Schonhoff to reporters outside the courthouse.

Brian Kirkpatrick can be reached at Brian@TPR.org and on Twitter at @TPRBrian.