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One Water: Projects In Motion

Nov 22, 2019

Ian Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at New Braunfels Utilities, knows his city is growing, fast. And that with that growth means looking at new ideas to manage resources. “I really struggled with [One Water] because … it was just kind of this out there concept,” Taylor explained at the Texas Water Symposium held on November 21, 2019 in San Marcos.

“I had trouble trying to figure out how to nail it down and figure out how you apply this thing. I think what I came to realize was ... it's not a prescriptive program. It's more of a paradigm. It's more of a lens through which you view how you manage water resources.”

The One Water concept re-imagines how communities manage traditional and non-traditional water sources in order to achieve the triple bottom line—providing benefits for humans, the environment, and the economy.

Listen below to audio of the Texas Water Symposium, bringing together experts and policymakers to share their stories of projects in motion related to One Water planning and use concepts.


Sharlene Leurig: Chief Executive Officer at Texas Water Trade



  • Dennis Lozano, PE: Vice President – Murfee Engineering
  • Nick Dornak: Director of Watershed Services – The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
  • Katherine Jashinski, PE: Austin Water, Systems Planning
  • Ian Taylor, PE: Chief Executive Officer, New Braunfels Utility