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Alligator That Gained Celebrity Status In Port Aransas Moved To Animal Park Near Beaumont

Workers from a gator park rescued a 400 pound alligator from overly curious humans in Port Aransas this week.

Richard Gleason, an animal control officer, said the reptile, nicknamed the "Dollar General Gator" because of its usual hangout near the store, measured more than 10 feet long and was between 30 and 40 years old. It likely lived in a nearby creek.

Local residents would feed it hot dogs and chicken. Others would pelt the gator with small items to see if it was real.

Gleason said the animal had to go because it lost its fear of people, which could've led to a dangerous encounter.

He said rescuers from the Gator Country Adventure Park near Beaumont came Tuesday to wrestle the reptile into custody and take it to a new -- and safer -- home.

The park has 450 alligators, including Big Al, an 88-year old gator, and Big Tex, which measures almost 14 feet. The park hosts visitors and offers educational programs.