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Candidates For HD 125 Face The Voters One More Time

Candidates Ray Lopez (left) and Fred Rangel (right)

Bexar County voters in Texas House District 125, which covers parts of San Antonio’s Northwest side, made their final selection on Tuesday. Democrat Ray Lopez, the former District 6 city councilman, faced Republican Fred Rangel, a businessman.

Review the results here.

Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen said Tuesday afternoon that she expected a 7 to 8 percent turnout this election but because of the holiday week people’s voting habits may change.

“The wild card in all of this election — and as we planned it and as we staff it — is it's Spring Break," she said. "So are people’s routines a little bit out of the ordinary, are more people at home right now so we won’t see that push after 5:00? We just don’t know.”

There are about 100,000 registered voters in the district, which covers northwest San Antonio and the city of Leon Valley.

During TPR’s "The Source" on Monday, Fred Rangel was asked whether or not a woman had the right to choose if she could have an abortion or not. He said the life of an unborn child should be protected.

“It should be more than just the woman making the decision," he said. "It should be the man and the woman that actually created life. Life is something that was created by a basic principle that creates life. And I never believe that God has ever authorized a situation where life needs to be terminated.”

Democrat Ray Lopez, asked the same question, said the decision rests with the woman but the father should be considered.

“I would never under any circumstance get in the way of a woman to make a choice for her own body." he said. "I further believe that a woman that has a scenario where she has to consider abortion should consult her mate. But often times that mate isn’t there. I call on all men that are in that scenario to step up and be men and be a part of that life, and be part of that decision, be part of that woman’s life.”

Bill filing for the current legislative session ended on March 8, so whoever wins cannot introduce any new bills of their own. However, they will vote on potential new laws like pay raises for teachers.

Justin Rodriguez had represented the district until he stepped down in January after accepting an appointment as Bexar County commissioner to fill the seat of the late Paul Elizondo.

Visit bexar.org/elections for election results and more election information.

Joey Palacios can be reached at Joey@TPR.org and on Twitter at @Joeycules.
Norma Martinez contributed to this report.

Joey Palacios can be reached atJoey@TPR.org and on Twitter at @Joeycules