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Texas Medical Association Presses Legislature To Fund The Texas Medical Board

Texas Medical Association
The Texas Medical Association put out what it called the "Texas Health Care Doomsday Countdown" on August 7, 2017 to press the state legislature to make sure the Texas Medical Board keeps functioniong.

The Texas Medical Association is putting out a dire warning. That advocacy group says if the state legislature fails to pass a Sunset continuation bill for the Texas Medical Board, it will create a crisis.


The TMA represents 50,000 physicians and medical students. TMA President Carlos Cardenas, MD, of Edinburgh says the state’s medical board is essential for licensing physicians. The agency also investigates complaints by patients, families, and even other medical professionals.

Credit Texas Medical Association
Texas Medical Association
Carlos Cardenas, MD, of Edinburg is president of the Texas Medical Association.


"In addition, it provides the legal definition of what it takes to be a physician.," Cardenas emphasized. "So without it, you know, anyone could set up shop and call themselves a physician, and the public would be exposed to huxterism and medical quackery."

Texas already faces a doctor shortage. Cardenas says if there’s no state licensing agency in place, would-be Texas physicians might go elsewhere.

Late Monday, the House passed the Senate version of the funding bill, a move Cardenas applauds. "That movement makes me feel much better, better than I did 24 hours ago," he said.

The TMA is now optimistic the bill will make it to the Governor’s desk and he’ll sign it before the September 1, 2017 deadline.