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Taylor Campaign Launches Attack Website Targeting Nirenberg

IvyRTaylorSA Facebook/VoteRon.com
Ivy Taylor launched the "Liberal Ron" website as part of her reelection campaign.

Mayor Ivy Taylor had promised to run a clean reelection campaign, but she's now launched an attack website against her challenger, Councilman Ron Nirenberg. 

The website - LiberalRon.com - went live this week claiming Nirenberg wants to "bring the nanny state to San Antonio."  

Taylor wouldn't comment on why her campaign is paying for the website. Her strategist, Colin Strother, says it aims to take some light-hearted swipes at Nirenberg's politics.

“He’s had this chameleon persona where he says one thing in one part of town and says another thing in another part of town, and we’re just bringing all those things together in a place so voters can get the truth,” Strother said.

Nirenberg also declined to comment. His campaign manager, Kelton Morgan, says the website is a sign of desperation.

“I get that desperate people do desperate things but this kind of third grade level hackery is just ridiculous. I mean the mayor should be embarrassed by this. Certainly the rest of San Antonio is and that’s why 58 percent of them don’t want her to be mayor anymore,” Morgan said. 

Nirenberg and Taylor emerged as the two top vote-getters from a field of 14.  Voters will elect the next San Antonio mayor and representatives for six council districts on June 10.

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