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Rep. Doggett: Obamacare Opponents Who Couldn't Repeal It Will Try To 'Sabotage' It

Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett says the battle over the Affordable Care Act isn’t over, even though a Republican plan to repeal it was scrapped last week.

At a town hall meeting in San Antonio's La Trinidad United Methodist Church on Saturday, Doggett told a crowd of about 70 that the Trump administration may now implement administrative rules that would limit Obamacare coverage. 

Credit Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio
A crowd of about 70 listened as concerned citizens lined up at a microphone to question Rep. Lloyd Doggett about the future of healthcare.

Doggett, whose district stretches from Austin to San Antonio, said Republicans in Congress could also cut the budget for services now covered under the healthcare plan.   

He drew upon a classic movie theme to make his point.

“The resistance won, but if you’re a Star Wars fan remember the Empire struck back.  And this is not over.”

Doggett called the Affordable Care Act a good but flawed plan that many Democrats would like to tweak.  Instead of trying to scrap it, he hopes Republicans will work with Democrats on some changes, starting with prescription drugs.

“Even those who have insurance are seeing prescription drug costs, just astronomical. I think many small businesses are having difficulty getting insurance for their employees, there may be some work to be done there.  And there’s something called the Family Credit that has an impact on the ability of families to get insurance for all family members, and get a tax credit for that under the existing Act.”

Credit Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio
Speakers line up in the Trinidad United Methodist Church to raise concerns about healthcare.

At a West Virginia rally Saturday Vice President Mike Pence seemed to agree that the fight isn’t over   He said the president “won't rest until we repeal and replace Obamacare,"