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Cell Phones Not Allowed At Polling Locations

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
Voters wait in line at Las Palmas.

Millions of Texans are going to the polls to vote in the general election. While you need to take documents to prove your identity, there are some things you can’t take to the polling location.
“They cannot use their cell phone in the polling place," says Alicia Pierce, communications director for the Secretary of State’s Office. "And that means not using it as a cell phone, or using it as a camera, using it even to research different positions maybe if they’re going into the polling place. They are not allowed to use it in the polling place and within a hundred feet of the polling location.”
Pierce says if you’re using a device and it’s causing a disruption or distraction, a poll worker might ask you to put it away.  If you refuse you might be asked to leave the polling location.  It’s a matter of protecting the privacy and the peace of the polling place.
Pierce points out that political shirts and buttons are also prohibited within 100 feet of a polling location.