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Bernie Sanders Breaks Tension While Speaking To Texas Delegates

Ryan Poppe
Texas Public Radio
Bernie Sanders speaks to the Texas delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

Texas delegates packed a room in Philadelphia this morning to hear from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

For days Sanders and Clinton delegates have been bickering. But Wednesday morning they remained civil as Bernie Sanders told them they would have to work together to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in November.


 “We have got to bring our people together, whether they are gay or straight, male or female, whether they were born in America or came to America, bring our people together to become the country that we must become,” Sanders said.


Sanders reminded the Texans of what he’s repeatedly said: his goal was not just to win an election it was to transform the country.


Zack Rudner is a Hillary Clinton delegate from North Texas.


“He did a good job getting his supporters ready for Hillary, he did a good job getting us united and we understand the Sanders supporters, they are passionate and we need to respect that passion and it’s not fun when your candidate doesn’t win the nomination and we need to respect them,” Rudner said.


Gabrien  Gregory is a Sanders supporter from San Antonio who says Sanders' call to unite behind Hillary Clinton finally hit home.


“Because in the next two years or four years or eight years or 12 years we will have another candidate like Bernie," Gregory said.


The Vermont Senator told Texans the decision to defeat Donald Trump rests on their shoulders.  His supporters are launching a group called Revolution Texas, aimed at promoting Sanders causes at the state and local levels.