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San Antonio Discusses Its Relationship With Police

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
Mayor Ivy Taylor addressed the media at a press conference to discuss police relations in the aftermath of the fatal shootings of five Dallas police officers.

After last night's sniper attack left five police officer's dead in Dallas, cities around the country turned inward and officials and residents began asking questions. Could such a thing happen so close to home? Were we prepared? What do police relationships look like in our own communities?

Here in San Antonio, police had already stepped up foot patrols on the East Side and had started meeting with members of the community in an effort to build better relationships. Today, San Antonio city and police officials met with the media to address the Dallas attacks where four people are believed to be responsible for the killings, three of the suspects are already in custody and one is believed to have been killed last night.

Here's video of the press conference and 6 tweets: