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New Mental Health Clinic Opens To Serve Veterans

A unique, privately-funded mental health care agency to serve veterans with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury officially opened its doors today.

Family Endeavors, Inc., has provided mental health care in San Antonio for 45 years.

Family Endeavors CEO Travis Pearson says it’s a unique new mission to make it easier for military families to get the care they all need – all free of charge.

"We’ll be able to treat the entire family and we’ve also reduced the barriers to treatment such as we’ll provide child care, we’ll pay for transportation to get here we’ll also open on evening and weekend hours to accommodate this schedule," Pearson says.

Medal of Honor recipient Kyle White who served in Afghanistan, is in San Antonio to serve again – this time to compel other veterans -- and family members – into care for PTSD.  

"Really it’s all about raising that hand. You know, self-identifying that hey, my family member or loved one has told me I need to seek some help, or within myself, I’ve noticed I need to seek some help," White says.

White, who exposed himself to enemy fire to give lifesaving aid to his comrades during an ambush, says it was hard for him to ask for help.  

The San Antonio clinic is the first of a network funded by the Cohen Veterans Network. Cohen Executive Director Dr. Anthony Hassan says Steven Cohen was motivated to make a change in the way the country treats its returning war fighters.

"Mr. Cohen’s vision is to make sure that men and women are not suffering in silence. His son is a marine. His son served in Afghanistan. His son came back and said Dad, if you really want to help you’re your philanthropic effort, take that clinic in New York and expand it across the country. And so that’s exactly what he’s doing," Hassan says.

Cohen has contributed $275 million over the next five years to open clinics in San Antonio, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

The Family Endeavors clinic officially opened today – all mental health care services are free of charge – for family members as well as for veterans.