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TxDOT Billboard Has Drivers Talking

Arlene Gauthier

A billboard in the thick of road construction on I-35 near Eisenhauer Road in San Antonio is drawing a lot of reaction. Its message makes you wonder whether TxDOT is apologizing or ashamed of the road. 

The sign reads “One day you’re going to love I-35. Until then, be careful.” When TPR posted a picture of it on our facebook page this week it got more than 13,000 likes, more than 12,000 shares and hundreds of interesting comments.

One person wrote “Will I live long enough?” Another wrote “The next day it's going back under construction. But there'll be that one day.”

TxDOT has another sign that reads “Not so fast. Drive to conditions.”

These signs are part of TxDOT’s “Be safe, drive smart” campaign aimed at saving lives and reducing crashes.

“In San Antonio alone in 2015 there were 2,132 total crashes in roadway construction and maintenance zones that resulted in about ten fatalities,” said TxDOT spokeswoman Laura Lopez.

“I-35 spans about 588 miles stretching from Laredo to Dallas/Fort Worth. And we currently have, statewide along that corridor, 24 active work zones,” she added.

That’s 123 miles of road construction.

You can always get updates on I-35 construction projects at my35.org.