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Economy And Terrorism May Be Fueling Voter Anger

Joey Palacios

One week from today Iowa voters cast the first ballots in the presidential contests.  In just five weeks Texans go to the polls on Super Tuesday, March 1. 

This morning NPR’s Mara Liasson reports nationally on the anger and anxiety felt by many Americans.

Texas Public Radio reports on the mood in our community by talking with voters in San Antonio and Boerne.  Do Texans feel economically secure?  Have recent terrorism events made us more fearful and vulnerable?

TPR also sits down with Democratic consultant Christian Archer and Republican consultant Kelton Morgan for their insights into what’s shaping the mood of the electorate.  

Republican consultant Kelton Morgan and Democratic consultant Christian Morgan at TPR studios to discuss voter frustration


Here’s our Texas Public Radio report. 

We’re also posting this extended conversation with the consultants. 


Research suggests some of the voter frustration is being stoked by economic insecurity and heightened fear of terrorism.

A Pew Research Center survey in December documented the shrinking of the middle class. 

In December a New York Times poll found Americans are now more fearful of a terrorist attack than any time since 9/11.