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FAA Requiring Registration For All Drones

U.S. Marines

The Federal Aviation Administration has estimated that one million drones will be under Christmas trees this holiday season.  As of Monday, the FAA is requiring that all of those unmanned aircraft heavier than a half-pound be registered.  

San Antonio resident David Hook was an Air Force pilot for 20 years and now specializes in security consulting  for general aviation.  He owns four of the unmanned aircraft and registered them yesterday.
"The concern, of course, is that there are all of these new aircraft  with tremendous capabilities that we really haven't had before. People that don't realize they are just as responsible for their actions as flyers, as that 747 captain flying that great big airplane through the sky," he said.
And Hook says knowing about airspace restrictions is very important.
"We're coming up in to the presidential election season, and with that when the candidates jet in from one place to another  suddenly we'll have a temporary flight restriction pop up over air space that may not have been encumbered before."
Hook advises new drone owners to know their limitations and those of the equipment.  He says just because you can do something, doesn't mean it's a good idea.