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Tea Party Groups Slam Texas GOP, Say Conservative Promises Not Kept

State of Texas

AUSTIN — A broad coalition of Texas Tea Party groups has mounted a scathing criticism of the state’s GOP lawmakers, including its top two Republicans, arguing they failed to ensure that the Legislature kept key conservative promises.

In an open letter Thursday, signed by 28 grassroots leaders and published on the website representing the Texas Tea Party coalition of groups, they worried that, with the June 1 end of session looming, many of their top priorities didn't have enough time left to pass.

It stated: “Frankly, we don’t care how hard or how long they have to work to get the job done, either. Too many evenings, Fridays, and weekends have gone by with no committee meetings and no floor action for us to accept the tired and politically convenient excuse ‘we ran out of time.’”

The letter singled out Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, saying, “With the condition our country is in, we’re in no mood for any stalling, slow walking, or backtracking from Texas leaders. We need Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick to make good on their campaign promises.”

It also said, if these “liberty-advancing, government-restraining bills die, once again, we will get excuses rather than results.”

Among issues unresolved according to the letter: Securing the Texas-Mexico border, stricter immigration policies, tougher anti-abortion restrictions and “school choice,” or voucher programs funneling public money to private schools.

Many signing the letter were members of Patrick’s Tea Party citizen’s advisory board.