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Whole Foods Market Cited By FDA For Health Violations

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Whole Foods Market is being cited for not maintaining federal health standards for its manufacturing, processing, and packaging component of its food products.
The Austin-based grocery giant was issued a warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for how its workers handled and packaged food during an inspection earlier this year.  Workers failed to properly sanitize food-prep areas and equipment. 
Federal officials in a letter also issued a stern warning about the potential Listeria contamination in how the company manufactured, packaged and stored food products at its mass food production facility in Everett, Massachusetts.
In response to the letter, Whole Foods writes,  we take these observations seriously and our senior leadership is committed to take all the necessary measures to correct all the deficiencies.
Whole Foods has 15-days to submit in writing a detail report on how the company intends to correct each violation.

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