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Outdoor Enthusiasts Already Hooked On New Show Highlighting Texas Game Warden Life

Texas Parks And Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials hope upcoming episodes of Lone Star Law airing on Animal Planet will showcase the job of Texas game wardens and the diversity of those behind the badge. 

It’s only the second show of Season One of Lone Star Law and already outdoor enthusiasts are hooked. Animal Planet asked state officials with Texas Parks and Wildlife in 2015 if they had any game wardens that wouldn’t mind being filmed while on operations that ranged from flood rescues to large-scale poaching investigations.

Texas Game Warden Wei Wei Lin, who appears in multiple episodes of the show says she signed up to help show how diverse a game warden’s job can be.

“And not just in enforcing hunting, fishing and boating violations. We also help out with search and rescue, environmental crimes and even just regular Texas Penal Code," Lin says.

Lin says she's pleased how Animal Planet was able show how varied game wardens working terrain can be in a state like Texas where there are mountains, streams, canyons, rivers, an ocean, and a desert all in one state.

“You might be in the panhandle, you might be checking mule deer and the terrain is completely different on the coast where you might be checking shrimpers or you can go to far West Texas where there are mountains," Lin explains.

And yes, while the shows producers aim to detail the diversity of a game warden’s job, Lin says she hopes it also shows how the field is no longer dominated by older white men.

“There’s not a lot of females that are wanting to become a game warden, so I wanted to get out there and just kind of show how diverse our law enforcement division is within Texas Parks and Wildlife, it's not just a bunch of men working out there, it’s also a bunch of women.”

More than 120 Texas game wardens volunteered and are featured on the show. Texas Parks and Wildlife officials are hoping Lone Star Law can be used as a recruitment tool for future game wardens.

Lone Star Law airs  Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet.

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