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Senate Republicans Vow To Define And End Sanctuary Cities In 2017

Ryan E. Poppe
Senate Subcommittee on Border Security

The topic of sanctuary cities continues to fire heated discussions at the state capitol and prompt some to call for legislation addressing the subject.


Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick asked lawmakers to examine local policies that forbid officers to inquire about a person’s immigration status. Patrick, a Republican, wants to know how  many crimes previously arrested immigrants have committed


Friday, at a meeting of a Senate subcommittee on border security


Houston-resident Janet Thompson told lawmakers one of the biggest challenges is finding a city’s written policy on questioning immigrants.


"There are cities that have an implied policy which is exactly what Houston’s policy says, I don’t have to come out and say something and put it in writing, it can be implied," Thompson explained.


Rockwall Republican Sen. Bob Hall believes some police officers feel threatened by local sanctuary city practices


"We are getting it from law enforcement officers that are out there and are frustrated and they say if I speak out I’m going to lose my job," Hall said.


Lt. Gov. Patrick has promised legislation next year that would define and end sanctuary cities.

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