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Gov. Perry Tours National Guard Camp For Troops Headed To Border

Today Texas Gov. Rick Perry addressed Texas National Guard troops at Camp Swift, where they are preparing for their deployment to the Rio Grande Valley. Perry said the federal government's neglect to enact border security has caused the state of Texas to take action.

Perry told the troops that the mission of Operation Strong Safety was to be that visible presence that deters criminal activity.

“I think it’s time that we stop calling these criminals nice names like cartels and gangs and call them what they really are, these are narco-terrorists, because they are terrorizing America,” Perry said.

The governor said the troops are the "tip of the spear" for America's protection against cartel activity.

“I’m reminded of what Ronald Regan said during a Veteran’s Day speech in 1988: he said that experience has taught us that preparedness is what deters aggressiveness and weakness is what invites it,” Perry said.

Deploying the National Guard to the border is expected to cost the state of Texas $12 million per month. When asked, Perry said he would do everything possible to fund that effort until the federal government fulfills its constitutional requirement of securing the border.

Troops are expected to be on the border in the next two weeks.

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