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TABC Considering Rule Change To Allow Alcohol Sales At Texas Gun Shows

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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission announced late last week it was taking public comment on a set of rule making that would make it legal for gun show owners to sell alcohol provided the facility has a liquor license.   

The TABC posted that it will take comment on the issue of selling alcohol during gun shows for the next 30 days. The agency’s Carolyn Beck said for those wanting these type of permits there would be new rules.

“And so we thought about how we could word that in such a way that mitigates the danger that feels inherent in mixing alcohol and guns and came up this proposal, which says that they have prohibited live ammunition as part of the gun show on the floor and that all of the guns at the gun show have to be disabled," Beck said.

Rules would also restrict any type of transfer of firearms on the gun show floor, but that the buyer would be allowed to pick up their weapon outside the show.  

Beck said the TABC has been criticized by gun-rights groups and those for gun control.

“What I want those folks to understand this was a request from a gun show, it’s not TABC working with some anti-gun lobby and trying to restrict someone’s gun rights,” Beck said.

Justin DeLosh with the group Come and Take It Texas said his group does not support the proposed TABC rule change.

"Is it really considered a gun show if you have inoperable firearms and you can’t even have ammunition there?" DeLosh said. "I mean, are we really allowed to call it a gun show at that point?” 

Beck said the public can comment on the issue online or provide the TABC with public testimony on August 19 at their headquarters in Austin.

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