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Governor Perry Hints At 2016 Presedintial Run During CPAC Speech


Governor Perry used much of the same rhetoric he used while touring with his group, Americans for Economic Freedom, when he recently spoke at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.  The Texas Republican still sounded like he plans a presidential run in 2016.

Unlike the trend at this year’s CPAC Conference, which involved moderates and Tea Party Republicans taking digs at one another for creating a divide in the party, Governor Rick Perry chose rather to bring the crowd to its feet with his idea of using Republican state governments as an example of how federal government should work.

“It is time for Washington to focus on the few things that the constitution establishes as the federal government’s role, defend our country, provide a cogent foreign policy and what the heck, deliver the mail preferably on time and on Saturdays, get out of healthcare business, get out of the education business, stop hammering industry, [and] let the sleeping giant of American enterprise free up prosperity again. My fellow conservatives, the future of this nation is on you, it belongs to you,” Perry said in his speech.

Governor Perry also continued to hint at a presidential run in 2016 stating, “We don’t need to change the recent history, we just need to change the presidency.”

After serving the state for over a decade, Governor Perry announced during the summer of 2013 that he was retiring, hinting at a possible run for the White House, and immediately touring the nation with his political action committee, Americans for Economic Freedom.