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Abbott Takes On Davis, Battleground Texas At Rally For Life

Courtesy photo
Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.

During his appearance at the Rally for Life event at the state capitol this morning, Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott took the opportunity to criticize Wendy Davis, his likely opponent in the general election, and her supporters.

Abbott made sure to emphasize recent remarks allegedly made by Battleground Texas organizers about his disability.

Abbott, who will likely be the Republican nominee for governor in the 2014 general election, was the keynote speaker at the Rally for Life event. Abbott highlighted several moments during the last legislative session and specifically talked about the legislature's passing of the controversial abortion bill.

"The cause that helped catapult a little-known state senator into a race to be the next governor of Texas was not the fight to create more jobs, it was not the fight for better schools for our kids," Abbott said.

Abbott addressed the comments made recently about his disability that are featured in undercover video footage of Battleground Texas organizers.

"You know, you find unfortunately that even here in Texas some people find it easy to write off the lives of the disabled," Abbott said. "Yet every day God reminds us that every life has meaning regardless the form."

While these comments were brief, and like the video un-contextualized, he spoke at length about the type of governor Democratic candidate Wendy Davis would be if elected.

"The person who led the fight for late-term abortion is now running to govern this great state, she’s partnering with Planned Parenthood to return Texas to late term abortion on demand," Abbott said.

Abbott told the estimated 1,200 crowd that he needed their help during the 2014 November election and then quoted a verse from the Bible, saying that he was called by God to continue his anti-abortion fight.

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