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3 Of 4 Republican Candidates For Lt. Governor Want Creationism Taught In Public Schools

File photo.
State Sen. Dan Patrick

This November, the State Board of Education closed the door on whether to water down the Theory of Evolution in 2014’s science textbooks, despite creationists’ efforts.   Recently appearing in their first televised debate, three of the four Republican candidates running for Lieutenant Governor re-opened that door stating they would help pass laws to allow Creationism to be taught in public schools.  Houston State Senator Dan Patrick was one of those who said as Lt. Governor he would ensure the passage of bills dealing with Creationism and the Bible being taught in schools.

Patrick said, “The break-up of the family has impacted this nation and I believe the break-up of the family in this country started when we [took] God out of the classroom."

Patrick continued, "We need to stand for what this nation was founded upon, which is the word of God."

Current Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, as well as Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples had similar takes on the subject during the debate.  Dan Quinn with the Texas Freedom Network worked to keep the theory of evolution unaltered for Texas school children; he explained this campaign stance on the issue will cost taxpayers in the long run.

“You hope that people who are running for public office are a bit more responsible and are not insisting that public schools will do something that will get them sued and cost taxpayers a lot of money,” Quinn said.

Quinn said the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum standards already include educating students on world religions, including Christianity. 

"The question is whose view of creation are you going to teach?” Quinn asked. “Not all religious people, even not all Christians have the same beliefs when it comes to the creation story.” 

Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who is also running for Lt. Governor, was the only Republican candidate that didn’t say he’d fight to have Creationism taught in public schools. He did say he’d like to bring back school prayer. 

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