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Cornyn Remains Skeptical Of Iranian Nuclear Deal And Sanction Relief

Ryan E. Poppe
Texas Public Radio
Sen. John Cornyn on the Senate floor during the debate about the government shutdown.

Sen. John Cornyn said he still sees "red flags" regarding the deal that was signed this past weekend that allows Iran to continue to enrich uranium fuel.

"The problem with the deal -- this six-month deal -- is it doesn’t require them to dismantle their enrichment capability and allows them to spirit forward when the deal falls apart to creating a nuclear weapon, which will destabilize the region and threatens our chief allies there," Cornyn said.

Cornyn said "red flags" were raised for him when Israel called the deal with Iran a "historic mistake."

"I’d love to be wrong," Cornyn said. "I’d love for peace to break out in the Middle East and the Ayatollah and the Islamic Extremist there in Teheran that have been engaged in a low-grade war against American and our allies for decades. I’d love for them to have a complete turnaround but I’m not optimistic."

Iran agreed to stop enriching uranium beyond 5 percent capacity and also neutralize its stockpile -- they will also give nuclear inspectors daily access to enrichment sites. In return, sanctions against Iran will be lifted for the next six months and the country will receive $7 billion in sanction relief.

Cornyn said the Iranian deal is just another distraction from lingering domestic issues -- like the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and immigration reform.