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Special Prosecutor In Perry Bribery Case Requests Investigator


According to court documents, San Antonio attorney Michael McCrum, who was appointed as the special prosecutor in the criminal bribery case against Perry, has requested money from the court to pay for an investigator and court researcher.

"We think that’s a good sign," said Craig McDonald, the executive director of Texans for Public Justice, the group that originally filed the criminal complaint. "These are very serious accusations [and] we don’t want a rush to judgement here because we think all the facts should be brought out and we most certainly believe that the governor crossed the line."

Texans for Public Justice filed the criminal complaint after Perry threatened to veto the budget line item for the Public Integrity Unit unless Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg resigned for her DWI conviction from this April. The Public Integrity Unit is a wing of Lehmberg's office that investigates state government corruption and wrongdoing.

McDonald said this investigator would be charged with gathering all the evidence behind Perry’s threat, which would include re-examining video of the governor asking Lehmberg to step down at a press conference.

Having private investigator on hand to interview all the witnesses that were present at the press conference will help the special prosecutor avoid being called as a witness during the grand jury trial hearing, which McDonald predicts won’t occur for another two or three months.

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