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It's September, And Over 600 New Laws Are Now In Effect

Ryan Poppe
Texas Public Radio

Of the over 1,500 bills signed into law from the regular legislative session, 659 take effect this month and run a wide variety of subject matter.

Here are a few that are noteworthy:

  • Teens under the age of 18 are banned entirely from using a tanning salon. Previously teens age 16 to 18 could use a tanning bed with a parent's permission.
  • People applying for unemployment benefits will be drug tested if they fail to pass a drug-use questionnaire.
  • Using an unmanned aircraft or drone to take photos without permission is now a Class C Misdemeanor. This would not apply to police use.
  • The number of classroom hours required to get a concealed handgun license, which was previously up to 10, has been reduced. The amount of gun-range training would remain the same. 
  • The free school lunch program has been expanded.
  • The ban on switch-blade knives has been reversed.

There are also several driving-related law changes that are now in effect. See the story in related content below:

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