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Gov. Perry Reiterates Obamacare Stance As Sebelius Visits SA


Gov. Rick Perry welcomed Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to Texas today by issuing a statement saying he will fight the Affordable Care Act from being implemented in the state.

"With due respect, the secretary and our president are missing the point: It’s not that Americans don’t understand Obamacare, it’s that we understand it all too well."

Sebelius is in San Antonio tonight to help explain to city leaders, health professionals, nonprofits, insurance providers and other registered attendees how the health exchanges under the new health care law will work.

"The federal government is going to be running the exchanges, they are the ones who are setting up the rules and they are making it up as they go, because as far as we know, they are still not finalized yet. And this tour that she (Sebelius) is going on trying to sell it to the people of Texas, I think the people here already understand it," said Josh Havens with the governor’s office.

Havens said the governor’s stance is clear, Texas is not going to be expanding Medicaid or setting up the health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.